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XL Magazine Release

The vision chassis may have feeding issues with a small percentage of magazines, this is where the XL tikka/remington SA magazine release comes in handy. This heightens the magazine release by  3.81mm/0.15 in which makes the magazine closer to the action and removes all feeding issues.


Wide Magazine Release

the wide magazine release is 3D printed from high grade SLS and is easily attached to the male magazine release with one screw. This part makes the magazine release wrap around the trigger guard, and makes ejection of the magazine much easier


Vision Chassis Folding

The vision holding mechanism is a highly robust and reliable folding mechanism. The folder is designed to be used between the vision chassis mid section and vision chassis buttstock and will not fit any other accessories. The folding mechanism is unlocked by the push of a button and locked by folding the buttstock back in … Vision Chassis Folding Hinge Read More »


Versapod Adapter

The versapod adapter is our in-house spigot that fits the vision chassis standard forend and is designed to easily mount different spigot accessories.


Universal SA Magazine

In our opinion this is the best looking magazine extension on the market, it has a sharp and simple look. We decided to do it the right way and made the attachment rail angled, and because of this the extension fits more cartridges than extensions without an angle. Capacity increase may vary depending on cartridge … Universal SA Magazine Extention Read More »


Thumb Rest

The thumb rest is 3D printed from high grade SLS and is easily attached and adjusted with one screw. Its is adjustable both in length from the grip and can be rotated 360 degrees. Available in both right hand and left hand


Standard Night Vision

The vision night vision bridge fits the competition, medium competition and covert forend. The night vision bridge can easily be mounted anywhere you want on the forend or you can use multiple to enclose the forends. It has the possibility for mounting of picatinny rail, but this must be bought separately.


Standard Forend

The vision standard forend was the first forend we produced and is an all-around forend that can be used for anything. The pros with the standard forend compared to our other forends is that you get the full top cover instead of putting night vision bridges together, this eliminates most of mirage. The standard forend … Standard Forend Read More »


Standard Buttstock

The vision standard buttstock is by far the most adjustable buttstock on the market. The cheekrest is easily adjustable both vertically and horizontally. Contrary to most of the market the bagrider is easily adjustable vertically. The shoulder rest is easily adjustable in both length of pull and height, both north and south of the zero … Standard Buttstock Read More »


Skeletonized “Just FN

Our AI trigger shoe is an ascetic upgrade to your ai trigger. it is easily changed with one screw and makes your ai look even better.


Short Picatinny Rail

The vision short picatinny rail is designed to fit our vision chassis night vision bridges perfectly but can also be used as a shorter picatinny rail for other top covers with the same mounting system, such as the vision modular flat top for standard forend and ai long top cover.


Short Adapter Block

If you need a shorter length of pull this is the product for you. By replacing your standard adapter block with this you decrease the length of pull by this much: Sig sauer adapter block: 23mm/0.9in Standard adapter block v1 (every mid section delivered to 01.08.22): 23mm/0.9in Standard adapter block v2 (every mid section (except … Short Adapter Block Read More »

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