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Modular Weight Kit


The vision weights uses m-lok as mounting system and can therefore be used on anything that has m-lok slots.

The weights are also mountable on the inside of all vision chassis forends (except the standard forend)

the weights are stackable and therefore the weight of your chassis have no limit.

The weights are machined from brass and are available in both black (cerakoted) and raw polished brass.

Requires atleast two M-LOK slots per weight.

The weights are the heaviest we could find on the market without compromise of the ascetic.

in comparison to most of the other weights on the market,  the vision modular weight weighs between 2x – 1 1/3x for approximately 1 1/3x – same price.

In addition the weights come with black stainless steel torx screws which is an immense upgrade compared to the market standard.


79 x 12 x 33mm
3,11 x 0,47 x 1,3in



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