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Standard Forend


The vision standard forend was the first forend we produced and is an all-around forend that can be used for anything.

The pros with the standard forend compared to our other forends is that you get the full top cover instead of putting night vision bridges together, this eliminates most of mirage.

The standard forend is slimmer than our other forends and has built in ergonomic grip so it is easy to get a good grip on it.

The forend has a total of two QD-locks underneath in the front, ARCA/prs dovetail along the whole of the forend, compatible with our in-house versapod adapter for spigot accessories in the front and is compatible with the full modular top cover.

Due to the design of the standard forend, the largest barrel contour that fits this forend is heavy palma.

Any vision chassis forend fits any vision chassis mid section.


353 x 48 x 30mm
13,9 x 1,89 x 1,18in



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