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Competition forend


The vision competition forend is our most popular vision chassis forend.

With this forend you have everything you need for any purpose, but it is primarily designed for competition shooting.

The forend has eight m-lok slots on both sides and eight m-lok slides underneath, a total of six QD-locks, ARCA/prs dovetail along the whole of the forend, possibility for mounting of four vision modular weights on the inside and mounting of three night vision bridges with picatinny rails,

With the number of m-lok slots available on this forend you can mount anything you could possibly need on the outside, and with all the available Arca/prs dovetail available you can have multiple Arca accessories mounted at the same time.

Any vision chassis forend fits any vision chassis mid section.


414 x 46 x 40mm
16,3 x 1,81 x 1,57in



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