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Accuracy international competition chassis overview

As of this moment the forend is made from 7075 T651 aluminum, and everything else from 6082 T651 aluminum.

The AO/V AI chassis is built from 3 main parts that can be built to a full on vision chassis for your AI rifle.

If ur just looking for an upgrade for ur AO chassis every part can be bought and built on you already owned AI standard chassis.

the weight of each part and a full on vision chassis is as followed:

Vision AI buttstock: 818grams (1,8lb)

Vision AI adapter block: 100grams (0,22lb)

Vision AI grip panel: 215grams (0,46lb)

AO/V AI forend: 936grams (2,06lb)

Vision AI Short top cover: 100grams (0,22lb)

Vision AI long top cover: 252grams (0,55lb)

Vision AI long picatinny rail: 152grams (0,33lb)

Full on Vision AI chassis with short top cover: 2,16kg (4,76lb)

Full on Vision AI chassis with long top cover:  2,32kg (5,11lb)

For an overview of the dimension of the chassis see graphic (here(link))

all big parts (buttstock, grip panels, forend and top cover) is delivered in the white/raw from us to your local dealer. The reasoning behind this is that we cant guarantee color match to the rest of your chassis/rifle.

Every other small part is anodized.

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