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AI Buttstock


The vision AI buttstock is almost the same design as the standard vision buttstock which is by far the most adjustable buttstock on the market.

The cheekrest is easily adjustable both vertically and horizontally.

Contrary to most of the market the bagrider is easily adjustable vertically.

The shoulder rest is easily adjustable in both length of pull and height, both north and south of the zero position by the push of a button.

On both sides in the rear of the buttstock there are QD-locks.

the ai buttstock is also compatible with the ai folder locking spigot.

As of this moment there are no other buttstocks that come close to the adjustability of the vision buttstock, and the buttstock are constantly upgraded with new features.

the ai buttstock can be used as a standalone upgrade to your ai chassis or paired with our ai products.


The main part is delivered raw, the reason behind this is that AI has vast variation in colors used from chassis to chassis.

and therefore, the chassis turns out best if you get your new parts color matched at your local paint shop.


235 x 35 x 145mm
9,25 x 1,38 x 5,71in



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