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Introducing the new vision buttpad GEN II

Today is the day we finally get to introduce you to the updated Vision buttpad GenII.

The GenI buttpad worked just fine, but we weren’t entirely satisfied with it, so we decided to go back to the drawing table and make it even better.

Many changes have been made, and some features have been dropped.

  • Hardness: Shooting with the new GenII buttpad is noticeably more pleasant than with the GenI. The GenII buttpad is likewise constructed of rubber, making it naturally hard. To adjust the hardness to the desired level, we experimented with various air pockets inside the buttpad until settling on the desired level of hardness. The GenII buttpad is “40 Shore” hard. In comparison to the GenI, which were around “80 Shore A” (comparable to a shoe heel), the Shore A scale is shown in the image below.
  • Shape: For the new Gen II, we completely updated the shape. The buttpad is now completely flat, allowing you to have the same contact area at both the maximum and minimum buttpad heights. In order to make the buttpad suit your shoulder much better and improve contact with the chassis, the contact surface has also been made narrower.
  • Surface roughness: Regardless of the fabric of your clothing, the rubber’s roughness prevents the buttpad from sliding around while in touch with your shoulder.

Unfortunately, we made the decision to eliminate the canting function in order to accommodate the change in design and enhance shooting comfort. Please get in touch with us if you still want the canting buttpad, and we’ll work out a solution.

The buttpad GenII will be placed on every new chassis that is shipped from us.

Anyone that has an old GenI who wishes to upgrade can purchase the buttpad GenII separately. With just two screws, the GenI and GenII are easily interchangeable.

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